Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poems The Hidden Message

Masjidil Haram Mekah Mukaramah
            Dengan Bismillah Mula Dikata,
            Mengingati Kebesaran Allah Yang Mulia,
            Kerana Wajib Telah Tenyata,
            Segala Perbuatan Mahulah Diserta.

            (Start With Bismillah,
             Remembering the Greatness of Allah, the Noble,
             Because The Reserve Has Turned Out,
             With All the Action Is Followed)

            Those are part of the poem that was written by the late Founder of Silat Seni Gayong, Dato Meor Abdul Rahman, may peace be upon him, Alfatihah. But most of us only have a glance or remembering the verses of the poem without taking sometimes to understand in the hidden message behind. I would like to share what was the message from the poem.

            Dengan Bismillah Mula Dikata, is a reminder to all the Silat Seni Gayong disciple that we are no one or nothing. It’s a greatness to be humble and without the mercy of the Creator we are nothing. In all of our aspect of life we should thank the Creator for his merciless that we still can stand and perform our activities and life in this world. 

            Mengingati Kebesaran Allah Yang Mulia, is to remember the powerful of the Creator and to set in our mind that we are not strong. We are just a human being that has a responsibility to our life, that’s the responsible to the creator and mankind.

            Kerana Wajib Telah Ternyata, is why the creator create us. The creation is to humble themselves to the Creator in many aspects in life. 

            Segala Perbuatan Mahulah Diserta means what we do in our life we must not forget that we are an ordinary human being that have nothing. We have been created to fulfil our destiny and responsibility and to perpetuate itself to the Creator. 

            All the verses in the poem calling us and teach Silat Seni Gayong practitioner on faith. Learning and instil character to the faith to the Almighty the Creator of mankind and the universe. This is a teaching of faith that wishes to be absorbed by Silat Seni Gayong practitioners. This is the spiritual aspects of it as well as martial arts training. From spiritual aspects and martial arts aspects Silat Seni Gayong practitioners are taught to be humble in all aspects of life and assist the needs of the needed for the harmony of life and mankind.

                                                  “Gayong Adalah Diri Aku Sendiri”

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