Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seni The Body Position

           As my previous writing on “seni”, I have elaborated a glance of “seni” in punching. I would like to share more on this discussion on “seni” in the body movements or stances. Every move in martial arts particularly Silat Seni Gayong is based on mastery the art of the foot movements. Mastering this movements will prepared the practitioners in mastering the art and preparations of been an expert in this old art.

The Body Position

            In any grappling or striking techniques, the accuracy of the grappling or striking is based on how accurate it can be. In order to get to the accuracy it much attach to the movements of the foot and the body. Let me give an example, in the techniques of avoiding an attack where we pull our leg backwards and turns our body to the right side and stay in a parallel position while our hand are ready for the next moves. In this position we can perform a grappling, a striking or just avoiding the attack and making sure that the attacker not making any follow-ups move.

The Next Moves

            In this position to get an accurate body position of making the next moves is not easy. First we must understand Silat Seni Gayong is a close counter combat system. If it is a close combat system that means we must be closed to the opponent maybe in an inch distance.

The Exact Spot

           With a correct foot position when flee from the attack and correct body position we are ready for the countering moves. How this position does stands with? Remember when fleeing from the attack and stay on the parallel position our body must be equal with the arms of the attacker. The wrist and the elbow must be equal with the size of our body. 

The Next Moves

            When you have mastered this stands just move your hands by your lateral side and push forwards towards the attacker wrist and elbow. The position of grappling of the hand in this position will definitely accurate and the place to grip on the attacker hand is as per the exact spot. Whether this is perform with your eye open or blind folded you will still have the exact spot.

End With The Grappling

            With the exact spot your grappling or striking is accurate definitely and the spot that you touch is what we call “seni” in Silat Seni Gayong, and the position that you stands and the standby hand position for the next moves is what we call “seni” movements in Silat Seni Gayong. To understand these more one must have trained hard and been assist by their full knowledge instructor to make the position more robust and accurate. Have a pleasant training. Cheers.

                                          “ Tak Rasa Tak Tahu Dah Rasa Baru Tahu”

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  1. salam. mcm knl je org yg kna kunci tu. mmg btul, tak rasa tak tahu, dah rasa baru tahu. sy da rasa da. btul2 nikmat.. hahaha :)


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