Friday, April 15, 2011

Seni Yoi or Tapak Yoi

            Seni Yoi is among the highest and mystery techniques in Silat Seni Gayong teaching. The techniques are like a mystery and kept as a secret of the art. Many misunderstand about Seni Yoi and Tapak Yoi. The different of both the techniques are only known by the mastered. What most student feel that they know about Seni Yoi is only the Tapak Yoi.

Tapak Yoi In Seni Keris

            Seni Yoi still kept as secret in the hand of the masters. Let us broad our mind a bit questioning what is Seni Yoi? As per my learning days and I am still learning, Seni Yoi can be define as an art or techniques with highly skills movements which the movements kind of soft soil. The gracious movements are beautiful and can delivered deadly touch which consists of 349 seni. In my early training in this deadly secret art the performance are just small spaces as big as 6 x 9 feet size. With a gracious movements and a deadly striking in a single touch making the person can counter any attack from any angle and from various kind of attack and no matter how many the attacker will be. 

Tapak Yoi

Tapak Yoi

           WhileTapak Yoi is a foot work like jumping from one point to another point avoiding from been attack. Most of Tapak Yoi is applied in the art of Seni Keris and Seni Lembing. Without Tapak Yoi in both the art that means the practitioner have not completed the training in those weapons techniques. In Tapak Yoi the training also are done on a small spaces ground and the student are asked to make a lift from one point to another to flex the body while avoiding an attack in order to get the speed of the movements.

Another Tapak Yoi

End Of Tapak Yoi

           I hope this very small elaboration of the secret art will clear the mind of misunderstanding about Seni Yoi and Tapak Yoi.The most important things is to set our mind of digging the knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong as long as we are willing. There are always masters waiting for us it just a matter whether we can find it or not and suitable to our desire. The Malay proverb said to ask themselves the chest pat or tepuk dada tanya selera. May you have the best training ever? Cheers.

                                        “ Terlalu Banyak Rahsia Dalam Rahsia”

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