Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grasping Fist

            A correct method of holding a grasping fist is very important to prevent from being injured. Before going for further techniques the Silat Seni Gayong student were taught to fist grasp. Every martial art has their method of holding a fist and some maybe taught in the training and some may not. It is up to the individual to hold his fist because grasping fist is a normal behaviour and natural.

            In Silat Seni Gayong there is a method of holding a fist. In order to do that a student were shown the method before doing any punching. Firstly we have to open our palm and bend the fingers according to the fingers joint at the count of two and at the count of three bend again the fingers bending the next joint where it create a pike and then again bending the fingers until the middle of the palm and hold tight. The thumb will strengthen the hold by supporting the fingers at the bottom and hold tight.

           When holding the knuckle make sure there is no air in the holding and all the energy of the fist are gather at the fist. The fingers which are bend must be straight knuckle when the holding is made. After all this preparations the students will be asked to lift their fist forward and will be check on the hold by pushing the knuckle backwards. 

           A mistake normally made when holding a fist is grasping it loses and place the thumb at a wrong place. If this is happen when delivering a punching it might injure the fingers.  Remember, a correct holding of a fist not only prevented from injury but delivering the fist with power and speed. When applying a punching we must make sure the wrist is straight to support the impact that made by the fist. I hope with this simple explanations will make our training more perfect. Train with all the excitement and pleasure. Cheers.

                                                           “Slowly but Surely”

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