Sunday, June 5, 2011

Syed Zainal AlAttas

            Every Muslim students of Silat Seni Gayong read Quran versus before start their training. From the reading if there is a blessing and rewards awarded to Syed Zainal and many others. As I been told by the great founder that Syed Zainal is his grandfather from his mother side where he learned silat, was originated from Pekan , Pahang. It’s a city of the Royal where the King ruling the states living there. According to the story told Syed Zainal was a headman in Pekan in the 18 centuries. When Pahang was been occupied by the colonial British, Syed Zainal and many Pahang warrior such as Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah,Bahaman and many others fought and opposed of the occupation. Since then they are a refuge because they fought the occupation and Syed Zainal ran and hiding in Bota , Perak. 

             From this story I made my journey to track down the descendents of Syed Zainal. It was late eighties, I make my trip up to Pekan for two times and on the first trip it was a failure. I am lucky when I got hold a man which name started by Sheikh and manage to track the Syed Zainal relatives. The journey brought me to Pahang Tua, an old village in Pekan. At that time I am looking for a man by the name of Syed as well, which I am sorry not to reveal his full name because I have promised not to do so. 

             When meeting this old man and start asking a few questions he was quite refused to answer and the answer just in its state of earthy. Finally I manage to break the silence when he asked about practices in Silat Seni Gayong which act as a code to his speechless. After recite the versus he jumped up and said to me we are “SeGayong” and the first words come out from his mouth , with that versus if you felt from a coconut tree it will not harmed you. I was stunned and amaze with his explanations. From there on he told me that Syed Zainal is related to him and because of the code of practice I read to him he willing to answer my questions.

The Royal Palace , Pekan Pahang

            According to him the late Syed Zainal was a very discipline and firm kind of a person. With a height of around 5 feet 9 inches and with a medium structure of body standing tall with his Keris on his waist. Been told, a person who is too committed to Islam and strong practice of it. Wearing his tarbush wherever he goes and having a very serious face. Moving his legs neatly arranged as if at the current range of martial arts ( bersilat ).With his body rather bend slightly and his hand look a little bit long, like the solitary and reading the Quran. He continued his story telling me that the late Syed Zainal had three teachers and one of the teachers is “Ulamak” which he did not reveal the name. A very quiet person and only speak when it is necessary, and Syed Zainal style of “bersilat “is very aggressive. With the left hand pulling the pants making his “silat “steps towards the left of his body, once a while “mengacah”( an act of surprising) and the move from soft to hard when he showing the steps of  “silat”.He also said Syed Zainal is a person when he speaks it will turn into reality (bermulut masin).

            It was a very memorable knowledge about the late Syed Zainal from this old man Syed and unfortunately after my visit to him he passed away at the age of 110 years. May he be blessed, Alfatihah.

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