Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seni Keris - An Introduction Of The Tradition

            Seni Keris Tapak Pahlawan, that’s how it was terms for the art of Seni Keris in Silat Seni Gayong. Keris is traditional Malay weapons and has act as a must to Malay. In Silat Seni Gayong ,Keris was teach in a very customary etiquette. Before going for any Keris training a custom event was perform that lead until the end of the whole training ended up in a ceremony terms as “Khatam Keris” which was performed at sea.

Keris The Malay Dagger

            Keris is handle in a method of thrust which the hand must be twist while performing the act. Unlike knife where else the method are straight without twisting. Because, a mistake which was made in training where the different of Keris and Knife techniques are misunderstanding. 

            The art of Seni Keris ,consists the movements, avoiding techniques, locking techniques, thrust techniques and a steps which was terms as” langkah pahlawan”. In performing Seni Keris the movements of “langkah” are so orderly and polite, while the thrust are so fast and energetic. It reflect the politeness of the Malay in their social life even if end up in a fight they still having the politeness and reflect that fighting is not the way of settling things.

Keris Training

             In Silat Seni Gayong the art of Keris should be teach from the way of holding a Keris. When holding a Keris a thumb must be press on the dagger which near the hilt. The “Sarong Keris “or the Keris holder where we put the Keris in also can be used as a weapons and avoiding method. While tugging a Keris on the waist has the etiquette of doing it, if the hilt are facing forward that’s means we are preparing for a fight while turning the hilt backward showing that we are respecting each other and some time the Keris were hide in the “samping” (a Malay costumed that bound on the waist) especially when making an appearance in front of the King.

Khatam Keris

             In Silat Seni Gayong performing Seni keris must be followed by “tapak Yoi’ and without this steps you are considered not learning the way of the Keris accordingly and perfectly. Every time when we take a Keris out from it casing a kiss should be apply to the Keris because that is the customary behaviour of the mystical Keris. Pulling a Keris out from its casing must be done fully and not half way because that’s the etiquette of handling the weapons.

             Overall Keris is full of customary etiquette that reflect the politeness of the Malay and with this basics elaborations I hope it can give some idea about Seni Keris in Silat Seni Gayong which are rich with ancient and full of tradition.

                                                  “Ancient Art With Full Of Mystery”

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