Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keris Pendawa Lima

            Keris Pendawa Lima as it was named is the keris of the late founder Dato Meor Abdul Rahman of Silat Seni Gayong. A keris with a beautiful handcraft which was decorated with shining stones on the holder. Unfortunately all those are history to the new members of Silat Seni Gayong because the keris was missing somewhere in the seventies. 

            The sad day happen at a hotel in Chow Kit after the late founder performing the initiation ceremony and since that day it was never seen again. Although searches were made of finding back the keris but all the hoping turn frustrated and sad.

            The unique,Keris Pendawa Lima also used as a tool to medication purposes and cures with the blessing of the AlMighty. With the lost of the keris it means a missing of another precious tradition in Silat Seni Gayong which was known as “mandi Keris Pendawa Lima”. 

The Legendary Keris Taming Sari

            For those who had visited the founder house during his days and if are lucky will be asked to take this bath tradition. The ceremony was conducted in a pool which located not far from the house. Entering from another end and exit to the other end.

            If we are in Taiping today we can still see remain of the pool where the bath ceremony usually were conduct. The bath so symbolically and significantly in retaining the spirit from the founder descendent keris.

           It was a tragic moment when lost of the keris and a miss and tradition only can be told in stories rather than seeing with on eyes. A precious tradition were lost and hoping that other Silat Seni Gayong tradition were remain intact and preserved for the next generations. Together we preserved the remaining tradition and may it be preserved as it is.Silat Seni Gayong a Malay art with rich full of magnificence and beauty culture to be protect.

                                            Meredah Belukar Di Sungai Dua,
                                            Condong  Hala Ke Mentari,
                                            Sedih Di hati Tidak Bersua,
                                            Tinggal Kenangan Didalam Hati.

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