Monday, June 20, 2011

Seni Sundang Lipas

            Seni Sundang Lipas is an art of weapon in the training of Silat Seni Gayong. These arts are paired with the sarong which was terms as cindai. Sundang as we called it was terms as a sabre of the Malay Bugis and Malay Sulu and widely used in the Sulawesi and the island of Sulu. The known sundang are called Keris Sundang which is designed as keris but bigger and longer.

            Whilst the sundang had been used in Silat Seni Gayong are called Sundang Lipas. These sabre has two types, one is with a one hand holding while the other one is with both hand. The length of the Sundang Lipas is measure from the head of individual size. The Sundang Lipas had two blades from each side and are used for cutting. The Sundang Lipas are used for flip and it is not meant for stabbing.

The Late Founder With Sundang Lipas

            The Sundang Lipas is tied with the sarong and are used whether at side or at the back in a perfect knot. In training of perfection of the art, a banana stem was used to train in cutting and speed of the movements.  It is a dangerous art which all the cut are jeopardising the opponent and the movements are all killing movements. 

Sundang Lipas and Sarong As The Holder

            There are seven type of holding a Sundang Lipas in Silat Seni Gayong and all the movements are based on speed and accuracy and for that it was called Sundang Lipas. The sundang Lipas are specially designed with a kind of “moustache” at the edge of the blade before the holder. At the end of the blade the shape are “U” shape and the size of the blade are approximately three and a half fingers wide.

Sundang Lipas Tied at The Back

            The art of Sundang Lipas are highly preserved and been taught as one of the higher weapons techniques in this ancient art. It’s normal for most of the art in Silat Seni Gayong the etiquette are well taken care of and accompanying this art are the practise which has to be recite when trained in this Seni Sundang Lipas art.

             It was a sad and pity for those who didn’t get a correct designed and techniques of the art because it was mistaken understanding that the art was similar with the art of machete, where totally the truly art are different and the techniques are more awesome from other blade art. May we have the blessing in preserving this ancient art of Seni Sundang Lipas.

                    " Sundang Lipas Nama Di Gelar"
                      Asal Dari Melayu Bugis
                      Silap Serang Berkelar-kelar
                      Cantas Sendi Tanpa Tangis"

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