Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dank U Wel

Geldrop is a small village near Eindhoven. To get there from Amsterdam you just need to hop on train that cost around EUR18 one way. My journey was to the small town which we will be hosting me is Guru Chris from Perguruan Satria Pusaka.

Guru Chris Velberg and His Students

I stayed together with Guru Chris at his house during my day there. He lived alone and a great pleasure he accommodates me. Thanks to Guru Chris.

Guru Chris and Me

A very active man and have a lot of friends and very good friend. Exercising is everything for him and loves kids so much and before I forgot a great chef as well.

I was invited to his training session and was pleased to share some knowledge on Silat Seni Gayong and was asked some tips on the competition aspects of Silat Olahraga. Seems that I had some experience before and sharing the tips is a pleasure. 
Sharing The Knowledge

Explaining the way to make a score in the competition and a few techniques application on falling and tips as well to the coach when accompanying to the game. It was a great sharing and a great time. Sharing is caring and the relation between brothers of silat is prevailed.

Dank U Wel Guru Chris.

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