Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Complete Art

The exchanging of ideas and opinion is normal behavior of mankind. Recently I met a brothers of my respected and humbly friend. We were discussing about his family love of martial arts. He told me that he is crazy about training. He was trained in Karate and at one time he make a ran in the desert at 2pm afternoon. We just imaging as what we called crazy in the art he learned and looking for an answer of what he received during his days. He told me also that he cannot sleep thinking of the art and he felt uncomfortably , feeling missing something's in his finding. Until one day he was introduced to another style of Karate and he found out there is the difference in it. One of the different is that the techniques of take down, because on his previous style which was Karate also they do not have these techniques. On wards he was open to an idea that one martial arts is not enough for a practitioners to understand the way of the warrior and he felt that each martial arts compliments each others in term of knowledge. As a conclusion he closed with a remark that we need a true teacher as a guidance. A good point for us to ponder.

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As a Malay we are lucky because in our art Silat Seni Gayong is a package system of the martial arts. We can considered that we almost have everything and should be proud of it that the art is an ancient art. It means in other words we are the developer of these art and a complete art of a warrior. We have takedown , striking , grappling etc and we should take these opportunities to preserved our lovely art rather than looking for other art as an alternative or as an additional. We should go deeply in the art and seeking truly knowledge from true masters because it was a one way centre. Where else other people need to passed through rough time for gaining the complete art. As I remembered it was said by the great founder that , the art of Silat Seni Gayong is the mother of martial arts. This evidence of conversation I had with my beloved brother  friends making another stamp or endorsement of what has been said by the founder of Silat Seni Gayong is true.

Let us begin our journey without stopping in this beloved art and making sure of the long-lasting of what has been delivered by generations. There for please keep up the good phase in preserving this ancient art and feel proud of it without forgetting that we will always be remain as human no matters where we are. I am making a stand here based on my experienced teaching and sharing with many masters from different background and upon knowledgeable discussion , Silat Seni Gayong remaining as one of  the complete art of self defense and a truly an art of the warriors. For the Malay's , please take note that we are a nation that has to be proud of what we have and a great nation with many mysteries to be dig out for our future generations remembrance and to live with it.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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