Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Points To Ponder

Martial arts grow rapidly like a mushroom thru out the continent. What worries is the changing of trend of the martial arts group. We can see they are starting rebranding their product to be related with silat. Although their nature art is nothing related to it. I think Silat has become a phenomena in the martial arts community in some particular area. They need a new kind of brand that can be sell for the needs of their customer. How far will it goes and how long will it sustain? A questions everyone has to wonder and ponder out. Or will it be rebranding again with constructive new kind of martial arts after this phenomena or will it circle back to where it started. I foresee it will be slightly towards a new brand of arts. Why do I emphasize on this. There are few reason which thru my experience towards this issue.

The Japanese martial arts becomes famous after the second world war, follow by the Chinese in the 70'.Then comes Capioera Brazilian art, Kali the Philippines arts, Thai Boxing and then Silat or Penchak Silat. Although Penchak Silat was brought to the western world in the 40' but the development was not rapid as today. Whatever related to the South East Asia art or as I would say Malay Archipelago there will be called or brand it as Silat.

The community intend to have a fast learn self defense and which can result with protecting them when they need it. Beside that it will act as an exercise to keep fit and health. There will have no time of humbly themselves for an art of traditional which might take their entire life. Although there are still believers of that sense.

Most of the school are trying to packaged their curriculum for one stop centre and provided various style for their students or as I would say customers need. Although some of them are trying to be a one man dictionary for everything, which if we think logically as a human being it would not be achieved.

Most of the communities are keen of hopping from one place to another just to find a suitable techniques or just to enhance their knowledge in some angle for their understanding or maybe for their next planned of having a place of their own. Others are intend just joining the crowd as it is only following the trend.

Some of this reason may taking of constructive a new kind of martial arts that only suit for certain purpose and it might not as we called it preserving the art of the true warrior in terms of spirit, brotherhood, tradition, bushido and related feeling. There will be only formed of techniques for as it is the arts of the martial science.

I summoned for all the lovers of the traditional Malay Warrior arts , let us be the individual that preserved the original arts which are fit thru out the live of the world at no cause.

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