Friday, February 21, 2014

The Art of The Warrior - SARONG

Sarong is wear as an attire in the Malay Archipelago. Although there are also weared in other countries outside of the region. What important of, it is not how it was made a fashion but how effective and dangerous of it, if been in the hand of a silat experts. Widely in the ancient time sarong are used as a weapons. Most of the Malay Archipelago has a way and techniques of applying it. What applied in Malaysia will not be the same as in Indonesia and there goes to other countries as well, although they came from one clump.

In Silat Seni Gayong the art of sarong been considered as one of the highest and deadliest techniques should be learned. The art of grappling and striking can be applied from the sarong and also defense from others weapons attack. Various techniques of application can be applied from the sarong. Started from movement, avoiding techniques etc.

Breaking Roof Tiles Using Sarong

Often sarong are been wear as a headband, waist tie or been sling to the body or sometimes used a holder to a weapons such as machete etc. The sarong is used as a last resort for the warrior when protecting of defending. One of the weapons that can be defeated by sarong is kerambit. With an expert the sarong can blow a roof tiles or something hard provided applied the correct techniques.

In the ancient way training of sarong are made secretly, only with one candle light when the techniques is shown. Sometimes it was made training in a water pool for gaining the power of the striking of the cloth.

In today the teaching is still made as secret and a trustworthy and loyal student only will get the chance to learn the true art of the sarong. To preserved the secret an oath were made before the teaching. All this are to preserved the art and secret and culture of the Malay been guard accordingly.
May this sharing will open the eyes of the significant of the art of sarong and may we all be blessed.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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