Sunday, March 10, 2013

Semar Alam Tunggal

As written in Malay Saga a quote from the legendary Malay Malacca warrior Hang Tuah when asked about what techniques he applied when defeating the Majapahit warrior, he said,”Datuk gunakan langkahan ibu Gayong sendi gedang tunggal,semar alam tunggal,belah bumi kipas nandong,kipas nandong dalam nandong.” The word with high poetic Malay meaning usually used when explaining something during that era.

What are its meaning and are that kind of techniques still exit or have been extinction. That is for us the modern and newly Malay breed to find out. I am bringing out one of the poetic terms for a discussion and point to ponder. Those quotes are, “semar alam tunggal’.

Semar alam tunggal meaning god is the creator of the whole universe and one of the creation is human. In the philosophy of Gayong it is already introduced from the beginning where all the practitioners are directed to recite AlIkhlas and it is recommended to complete the reciting for 70000 times. The concept and teaching of the said versus are beginning of understanding of the total knowledge before feeding for more.

Starting from been accepting as a Gayong practitioner or student, where how important the adat perlimau are, before and after finishing a training session where how important our way of life are, in a training session show how our life and nature of a human should be, completing by ourselves the said versus for inner training, and the training continue. What has been written here are just an opening and guide for Gayong practitioner on searching for this knowledge? In simple Malay word, “tulisan keterangan ini adalah kiasan yang perlu difikirkan untuk memecahkan ruyungnya”.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Maybe it doesn’t drop in our mind and maybe we don’t have a time for all this, where we shouldn’t have this kind of attitude if we are really seeking for Gayong. Maybe it is a bit complicated to understand for someone but insyaAllah if there is a will there will be a way. Let take some phrase from ilmu Gayong, as an example in the words reciting in a bath, quote, “Allah hu ma kata suci.suci badan ku dalam nur cahaya Muhammad, suci bumi lembaga adam........” and the phrase continued. Another “amalan”, quote, “ kun kata Allah, fayakun kata Muhammad...................nun awan putih melindungi aku, Allah hu Akbar..” Some “amalan” continued for example the phrase, quote, “ la tud riku ab soru wala tud riko......” with AlMighty all those example of “amalan” for the strength of the body, being at a place without been noticed etc. Even it also stated in the poem, quote, “Gayong bercantum bersatu padu....and more , quote, “dengan bismillah mula dikata...”. Those are the steps of understanding the whole package of the knowledge, but the most and most important knowledge to be expressed here is the true understanding of semar alam tunggal. 

Gayong is myself,over there Gayong,here Gayong...”Gayong adalah diri aku sendiri, disana Gayong, disini Gayong...” If we really dig deeply this knowledge all the commotion among us in Gayong could be avoided and the true meaning of Gayong could be applied and belief we will reach the knowledge of the quote, semar alam tunggal. If not, then maybe it will be a daydream where most of us do.

May we have all the barakah and hidayah

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