Sunday, June 24, 2012

Only Who Knows Can Prevail

 Through years of training and sharing, passing the knowledge from generations to another for the beloved art Silat Seni Gayong. It suddenly jumping into my mind what makes us different from the others. Different in the sense of the art, the techniques, the teaching, the philosophies or anything related.

 If we watch many videos uploaded in the internet does we notice any different our art from others? The techniques perhaps, maybe there are different but in what ground? 

I come across one photo while reading randomly in one of martial arts leading magazaine, Samurai. They portray a technique shown by a martial art name Aikido, originated from Japan. It seems familiar when I go through the pages I realise that the technique shown are similar as what we have in Silat Seni  Gayong.  As we call and name it “sawa berendam” or sinking python in our art.

Photo From Samurai Magazine

Sawa Berendam

 If we watch the photo clearly, there are joint technique applied which are common in our system. But the question is what makes us different? Don’t take a count on the sitting position on the photo but take a consideration technique that applied. If we focus on the photo we can notice, the joint lock, a sitting position of continuing, perhaps sitting position as what we usually did in ending the deadly locking or maybe a “pecahan” or various position in ending. 

When I saw the photo it makes me realised that we must be humble in any ways. It is not what you learn but it is what you know and what you understand from the learning. We don’t want to spend our lives learning things that we don’t understand and feel proud of it. What we wanted is totally understanding of the art until the core roots in order to answer differentiate. That’s why it always stresses by the founder; learn Silat Seni Gayong not Silat Gayong. It brings many meaning in it and only who knows can prevail. 

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