Thursday, June 28, 2012

Touch Of The Dragon 2

I was wondering while looking thru the window thinking whether to continue my writing on nerves system in the concept of Silat Seni Gayong. Let’s go a little bit further on this chapter. In my previous writing I have elaborated the points on the arm beginning from the middle finger to the elbow. Now, I will share the nerves point that surrounding the leg.

There are 21 nerve points on that area. We must remember that all the nerves system if applied correctly can stop any movement. If in a locking technique the application make the whole area stop instantly and feeling like the hand as an example was gone. The touch will make everything stop and your mind will be concentrating on the area that been touch. The spirit of countering faded away because of the stopping made by the touch.

It rewind in my mind when been lock by the founder, although he hold your hand but the feeling is up to the shoulder and like you losing everything. The application is just on a training mode, if it applied in a defence mode it can paralysed the whole system that been touch. 

Some Nerve Points On The Leg

The first glance we may say it is just like a show or if we watch a Kung Fu movie we will say this is ridiculous. It goes for me when the first time I saw it and from that day I realised that what I saw really exist.

Now we know some of the points to do the touch, but do we really know where the correct point and correct way to touch it. It might be by striking and might be by locking. This techniques we cannot learn by reading, it must be conducted and taught by a person who really have the knowledge. In a simple way it must be learn with a teacher or instructor. The touch from the knowledgeable teacher will be a guide to you the correct way and exact touch point. As we called it been a punching bag is better than looking at it, because the punching bag feel everything that goes through it.

As I mentioned in my previous writing that if there is venom there’s cure, so does these techniques. There are in Malay we called it “petua” avoiding this from happening. If you apply the”petua” you will not get harm from it. There are “petua” when you getting lock you will manage the strangled without feeling pain.  

We are famous with our philosophies, “Gayong Bersahut Kata Bersambut “. In all aspects of Gayong these verb applies. Think deeply what it really meaning.

May we gain all our dreams and be blessed. Amin

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