Monday, May 21, 2012

An Evolution Or .......?????

An evolution or just don’t understand or getting the wrong training knowledge? Firstly, a question that are jumping into my mind on the method of training in Silat Seni Gayong. In those days the method of exercise that had been taught are slightly different from today.

Let us go through on the first part when we wanted to make any movement on the art. What I saw in many training ground many students are no longer standing on their toe when making the first move. Definitely the breathing as well are not been inhale upon making this movement. Where else in the heir days performing these fundamental moves the toe should be lift up and breathing should be applied. What went wrong? Are we getting the right method or just a lack of knowledge? The correction should be done in order to making sure preserving the art.

Lifting The Toe

As we passing through one by one the moves we come across again another movement. This time the method of kicking that been performed in the second exercise known as “Lambong Kemudi”. Most of the practitioners while doing this movement mistakenly making the front kick instead of the correct way. “ Lambong Kemudi” is kicking or swinging the leg as high as we can upwards. Remember while doing this both hand must be covering the groin. The two misunderstanding from this moves are in kicking and not covering the groin with both hands. Front kick are been taught in the next movement of the art. It must been taken seriously and correcting the concept precisely in order to get the correct training.

Lambong Kemudi

I am just taking randomly on these topics and hoping that sharing the knowledge that I had during my days with the great founder and ultimate beneficiaries are benefitted. One other method I foresee the lack or left out are in the locking techniques what we call “ Seni Tapak Kunci Mati”. In the first technique known as “sinking Python” or in Malay “Sawa Berendam” the left over techniques commonly left out are the elbow striking while bending the arm when locking. Maybe due to the fast world we neglect reflect of the elbow or what we learn are not as details as the heir days. I do sometimes making mistakes as well when performing these techniques but when referring back to my old books on my hand writing during my learning days and still learning until today I found out that there are so many short cuts on the art performing currently.

What a pity when seeing a practitioners performing “Seni Tapak Kunci Hidup” , the pair perform should be expressing their talent in striking and opening a locking and mastering the art footwork, showing not  the art precisely but the art of a tournament in silat. You can’t see what so called Silat Seni Gayong anymore here but only a show that cheering the spectators. In the old days when Silat Seni Gayong performed the audience will be silent and shouting upon watching the dreadful of the art. I missed those days and hoping that it will return the glory’s.

 A serious effort should be make in making the correct knowledge and preserving the art because there are too many mysterious things in this old art that has to be understand and making us a great Malay Warrior and sharing the way with the world.

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