Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traditional Or Modern

Years of studying and learning Silat Seni Gayong and through vast experience teaching internationally, I was asked many questions on regards of punching. Some of the doubts especially, referring to punching way of the boxer, the swing punch, the hooks punch instead of straight punch practise in the traditional martial arts. Most of the questions are base on logic and in pertaining to the real streets fight whether the style is capable of escaping or countering any attack thru their traditional training. How can we answer this kind of questions if our knowledge and experience are not that expected?

In the concept of Silat Seni Gayong the punching method taught are to train the student: 

1)   The correct way of punching and holding a knuckle in order to avoid from getting hurt.
2)   To generate the energy within the punching.
3)   To get the accuracy of the punching.
4)   To train the distance of the punching.
5)   To train the breathing techniques within the punching.
6)   To train the stances which help generate energy to the punching.

The Traditional Way - Silat Seni Gayong

We must bared and understand clearly in our mind that the traditional way of training are to prepared the practitioners on the way of defending themselves. When we are on the streets situation can be different but the good and correct training we had might help us on any situations. If a hook punch was thrown to someone who really understands the philosophy and method of the art, the puncher might think twice because a really expert in the art is lethal.

What concern us is that most of the practitioners today having a lack of understanding of the knowledge and in a real situation everything was gone like a wind. I remembered one case a student’s of one of martial arts disciple countering in a brawl getting panic and don’t know what to do. Is it because he got the wrong kind of training or learning martial arts is just for the sake of learning or something’s else.

Whether we said that we learn this and that no matter traditional or modern street fighter, from my view the understanding of the knowledge and the training and experience that we had for the survival are very important. No matter it is traditional martial art or modern kind of self defence. The most important thing is how you bring your self up in the situation. But for me I would prefer the traditional way because it has a history and has been proven as a self defence in the heir days. It can be brought in the modern way because the philosophy always said “The way of life or the way of the warrior”. Everybody has the right to choose but I have made my mind the traditional way SILAT SENI GAYONG.

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