Thursday, July 14, 2011

Khatam Philosophy

             Khatam in Silat Seni Gayong are a common and apply on some of its practise. What can be defined as khatam? Khatam means the last part of something or reached the end of a thing. In Silat Seni Gayong the common and famous khatam application are in Seni Keris, Seni Lembing and Khatam AlIkhlas. For Khatam Seni Keris the applications are performed in the sea while the Khatam Seni Lembing is done at waterfall. It is different from Khatam AlIkhlas where enough by accepting it at home or some place that comfort. 

             What significant of all the mention matter. Let us goes one at a time.

             Khatam Seni Keris is a reach end after training Seni Keris. It is a myth in the Malay Archipelago that all the great Keris are gathered at the sea and the similarity of the keris blade are like the waves. In Silat Seni Gayong it was stressed that Khatam Seni Keris are for the practitioners to be reminded that we are only human being and as per our application of the khatam shows symbolically that we submit ourselves to the AlMighty the Creators and reminding us that we are nothing compare to the Greatness. All acts performed in the ceremony are under one understanding that Allah the God and the Greatest. 

Khatam Seni Keris

             As per Khatam Seni Lembing the ceremonies are performing at waterfall symbolically the speed and strength of the water flow apply to the spear. And the same believing as Seni Keris applies to this Khatam Seni Lembing. The earth was made with different stages such as 7 heavens and earth and all those creation are from the AlMighty the creator of the universe and mankind. Basically the Khatam Seni Keris and Seni Lembing is a message that we are just a human being who does not have any instance and everything is belonging to the Creator, Allah. This is a way of reminding personnel in a culture and tradition method of the Tauhid (unity of god) that apply in this great art of a warrior Silat Seni Gayong.  All of what we seek is the blessing of the prophet and the mercy of Allah the Creator. 

Khatam Seni Lembing

            All the khatam mentioned are the laws (syariat) of us as a human and the khatam are strong in spiritual when asked to complete the 70000 times recite or dzikr of the surah AlIkhlas. The surah AlIkhlas are been encouraged to the members to complete the reciting and at the end will be khatam for the act. The meaning in the surah AlIkhlas cleared mentioning that the Creator Allah is the Greatest and the only one we should seek help. With the blessing and mercy that cultivated from the surah AlIklhas, the spirit of the members of Silat Seni Gayong hope to been blessed and mercy all the time to live as a warrior and human been given good deeds and serve for the goodness of the mankind. Overall the practises in Silat Seni Gayong are doing well for the mankind and although it is the art of the warrior but it did serve as a tools to bring good deed to the human race.

                                  Langit biru terang benderang,
                                  Sesekali  bersinar pelangi,
                                  Aku selindung balik yang terang,
                                  Kenal akan aku agar kamu memahami.

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