Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ambil Tapak

Questioner           :   Siapa nama kamu?
Answerer             :  Nama aku ......
Questioner           :   Apa hajat kamu ?
Answerer             :   Aku memohon izin untuk ........
Representative     :   Aku mewakili .......mengizinkan kamu......terimalah amanatku ini.
Answerer             :  Aku terima dengan berkat syafaat Baginda Rasulullah saw.

The above conversation is a request for performing a tradition and custom event in Silat Seni Gayong. It show the discipline,respect,humble,loyalty,adap and adat in the art. This event are commonly apply when starting an event such as demonstration, a khatam , a coronation etc. It can be summarise as an act of adat istiadat in Silat Seni Gayong asking permission of approval before and after an event.

The said custom discipline is made to a higher shoulder belt holder seeking an approval for an event. It is very important to understand the ranking well in order not to make mistake. A higher shoulder belt is forbidden to seek permission from the lower rank. If this is happening an event of adat of coronation should be conducted again for those who make the mistake. It meant the ranking that they being holding had fallen or forfeited.

The application for permission is not only based on the ranking of the shoulder belt but it is also accountable from the position of the person. A King is the highest position, follow by the late founder, the Imam Khalifah Agong and each rank. If it happen the permission seek through a King, a 7 steps should be taken and both hand are on the head showing respect and the conversation will be a bit different. As an example the conversation should start by the seeker with, “Ampun Tuanku” and follow by introducing himself before a permission to enter asking for the blessing approval.
Ambil Tapak

But this is seldom happen due to a very high protocol incurred. A practitioner of Seni Gayong must have this knowledge because an event can’t be predicted. Normally for seeking a permission of this kind will be done by a higher rank such as Imam Khalifah Agong or Khalifah Besar seeking permission from the King.

If we can notice the seeking of permission are done by the section of the Kegurulatihan. For those on the section of adat administration their job is only to administrate the adat istiadat of Silat Seni Gayong. If they wearing the Waris Beradat or Ketua Beradat shoulder belt they are forbidden to take charge of the event. And the people who are seeking permission are forbidden to seek approval from those shoulder belt holders. If this happen it means that the adat of Silat Seni Gayong has been abused or wrongly conducted. 

There are too many to understand on the adat istiadat of Silat Seni Gayong. It was arranged with full of secret behind the scene and each student of Gayong must seek the knowledge accordingly. Do not simply do things that we don’t have the knowledge because it will mislead and damage the custom. Seek the people who really have the adat istiadat knowledge and learn from them. The preserved of adat istiadat in Silat Seni Gayong is compulsory due to the secret in it.

May we all be bless.

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