Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be

Sharing Knowledge

I have been teaching in many countries. On my odysseys, I found that in order to be a professional instructor we must have certain criteria. Due to several of nationality and behaviour and different culture the pedagogy and techniques of teaching is various. 

In Europe the way of teaching martial arts are more on techniques applications.Most of the practitioners in Europe are keen on mastering the techniques rather than concentrate on the basic movement. In order to coop with the system one must have a very vast knowledge in martial arts of their own discipline and other system too from reading or friendship.


A preparation must be made in order to be a very good professional instructor that teaching internationally. One of the criteria that most important is high discipline. As an instructor we must not be late for teaching because this reflexes our attitude towards the art. Punctuality is important when teaching in Europe.

A knowledgeable in the art itself, because most of the European loves to asked questions and the answer must logic to the art that we teach. Most of the application of techniques must be practical in the day life.

Must not forget some of the students deem to test their instructors in terms of knowledge and the ranking that they wearing. Sometimes the tests are just as simple as fitness endurance. I do remember once we have a class at Moscow, the instructor that teaching that day was been challenge by outsider and lucky he managed to overcome the strangers. Then he realized that for the past years he trained Silat Seni Gayong and that art really payoff.

When we teach internationally we must remember that we are the ambassador of our beloved country and our beloved culture and art. We must show the true colours of the art especially in Silat Seni Gayong the adat section. Don’t lead our students to a wrong understanding because this can create a chaos in future and the truth will prevail. Let our student have an open mind and can generate for a better future for the art.

All these must come with strong language proficiency, no matter what your language are the message while teaching can strongly been understood by the students. The language barrier plays a bigger role in teaching and do take a chance to learn more of the language of each country as possible.

The body movement helps a lot while teaching if we are not well verse with the native languages. Not all European country speaks English and not all of them understand English. Do take the opportunity to learn to speak in their native tongue even if it just a single word.

Understanding the culture of the nation is a must in order for us not to make mistake in our behaviour. The adaptation of their culture must be accordingly to our culture for not making us an alien in a different world.

One of the most important things is the legislation of the martial art body of the countries. Most of European countries have their bodies that control the development of the art. If we really to make this as a profession make sure that we registered with the body in order for us to be more professional and upon registration and approval we are eligible to teach for any courses. Not as what people think when teaching internationally make money, yes indeed, but it is not as easy as it look.

If we have a seminar conducted in the countries make sure that we have the authorisation by the municipal concern in order for us to enter or conducting a class there. As a foreigner we need to passed through many procedure and making sure that we are not against the law of the country.

Different country different requirements, if we follow the rules everything will be in order and passing the knowledge in a good order and satisfaction when teaching will pay. Make sure that we are capable and have the authority to be a professional instructor whilst we can spread and share the art that we love.

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