Monday, March 10, 2014

Think,Think and Think

Many things can be used as a weapons for the silat practitioners. Training on various weapons is to make one understanding  the type of weapons used when handling it. What we didn't realise is that we already equip with natural weapons at hand. Also when a weapons is used it must be accurate with our body mechanics of making sure we will be able to maneuvers it accordingly.

Let share some of the weapons within our body system. We take an example machete, the weapons that attach to our body is on the side of our palm and the method of applying it, is the same when handling a metal machete. The effect when been strike by those weapons is different. A machete strike will result with blood flowing out after the cut and can cause death or cutoff part of the body. While a true experts masters in silat can delivered a fatal blow using his so called machete hand which will result by internal bleeding or more worse burst of the nerve systems. There are many terms for this method according to the style of the martial arts. As what the western world known as DimMak which comes from the Chinese Martial arts terminologies.

In Silat Seni Gayong it was terms as per Malay wording as "Seni'. This method are various starting from an accurate movement till an accurate striking. Those techniques will be follow along with our body mechanics system in order to get it to be perfect. But before we reach the summit the training has to be accordingly and be expose each part of the so called "Seni" movement. It has both internal and external training from inner and outer. The knowledge and understanding is from the crown to the toe.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan
I would like to share some of the event when mastering the method. Example one, when performing a grappling , no matter what techniques applied some will taste the pain and some will not and some will get choke and some will not. From this different feeling it marks that there are different level of doing it and we should know which level are our stand. If we are on that track we aren't on the level of "seni".

Another example the feeling is comes from the crown to the toe. Like a bone is breaking moving  like volcanic lava and like a building is collapsing. All those are an example of the well said method and it is up to us to stand on what level. The higher we go we will feel like flying and without feeling any pain at all and all our body is starting to cramp and the end result is that we are going to get frozen. There will be no pain been felt when  we are at the summit, the only things other people will notice that we are on our own now on another dimension, death. And this is "seni".

Understanding and mastering those techniques is not an easy boulot .It needs patience and the most important manner is obedient to his teacher no matter what happen. Then it will follow with the blessing. Those are the criteria needed importantly of gaining those so called easy to say but not easy to mastered. Many people failed when it comes to this but as the Malay proverb said, "taat setia tidak berbelah bahagi". Think, think and think about the significant of it.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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