Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mayang Gesit - The Malay Throwing Art

In the art of Silat Seni Gayong there lie a techniques called Mayang Gesit. What is Mayang Gesit? How the techniques do works? All this questions circling in our mind, because the words used are old Malay words. In the dictionary Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu, one of the meanings for Mayang is thin slice and Gesit is agile, swift or quick. 

Mayang Gesit is a tool to flick a bun used by Malay female in the old days. It usually made from cooper, sticks and even from gold for the aristocrat. The size of its maximum to a span of the hand distances the middle finger with the thumb. It was used by the Malay women silat practitioner as a throwing tool.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Anything that are design this kind are been called by this terms. It is like a throwing darts used in the art of Silat Seni Gayong. The balance, size, length is the main criteria of this kind of getting an accurate throwing. The target of the throw is point that can weaken the enemy or kill. Mayang Gesit should be place on the palm if it were wanted to be used for throwing. It must be place at an exact spot on the palm in order to get an accurate throw. The techniques of throwing play a significant role when performing the art.

When throwing Mayang Gesit the hand should be in the correct position. A slight error in handling will result in accurate throwing and missed the target. The tool maximum distance when throwing is around 7meters and it is depends on the material used when making the dart. The speed of throwing is much related in the way it was handle and the hand position when throwing. The training is done on banana stem from a bigger stem until small. This is to train the accuracy of the throwing and the exact spot targeted in each throwing. In the old days poison are sometimes place on the sharp edge for a more serious impact.

I hope with this introductory of the art will bring a strong spirit to explore the ancient art of Silat Seni Gayong.I humbly request that we maintain and preserved our tradition and the way of the Malay Warrior.

                       Mayang Gesit diberi nama,
                       Tari dari wanita Melayu,
                       Seni baling pusaka bangsa,
                       Dari tapak tangan hingga ke bahu.

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