Thursday, May 1, 2014

Malay Curve Knife - Kerambit

Kerambit is a small knife that are curve and is almost unseen to the eyes. It is a hidden weapon, and widely used by Malay woman in those ancient days to protect them from danger. Most people mistakenly understood this weapons especially when comparing with others curve knife. In the Malay archipelago there are many curve knife with different kind of maneuvers and method of applying. Just an example of another curve knife, Lawi Ayam. This weapon is a curve knife which are bigger than the kerambit and is visible when been hold in the hand. In Malay words Lawi Ayam means the curve feather of a bird or rooster. The size of those weapons are bigger and longer but shorter from another Malay weapons called sabit, which are used to harvest the padi. There are also a machete that slightly curve in the Malay world used as a weapon called Jambia.

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Kerambit as we called it has taken its place in the martial arts world and became famous to the western martial arts practitioners. Well known also as the tiger claw which means it should be small rather than big because originality of the claw should be applied accordingly. That is on the part of the fabrications, another parts of it, is the application in the way of the silat. How does it maneuvers? Where is the actual target? Where does the energy generate? etc. All this questions must be answered and must be aware of the slight or bigger difference from other curve knifes.

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In Silat Seni Gayong , Kerambit is taught and especially the woman are mostly been exposed to the art. Seni Kerambit comes with movement, a way of applying an attack, maneuvering, snapping and so on. It continued to the system of avoiding an attack of the Kerambit using body mechanics. Always stop the Kerambit with application of a grappling barehanded, using other soft weapon and not to forget the striking and motion movement familiarization.

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Without all those you will never considered to understand the Seni Kerambit. In Silat Seni Gayong, it is better understand the method of other weapons before deeply learning the method. It will make easier when been taught the art. Many practitioners are intent of moving too fast and the goals been neglected. When this happen the quality of the art are faded and left only the outside covered of it.

There are a way of striking with a Kerambit, the movement, the hit , the target, the holding and many method more. It is  just up to the individual to seek from the master and get the real and original method. It will remain Kerambit as one of the weapon in Silat Seni Gayong that should be learn and preserved. The ancient weapons of the Malay Archipelago.The world should be told again that Kerambit are belong to the Malay and always will be.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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