Monday, September 23, 2013

Tumbuk Lilin - A Forgotten Punching Method

Training and perfection is two different things. I do remember training without a good method would not bring you to any perfection. Nevertheless the guide while performing to perfection is the key to success. As simple as performing a punching, whether the act really pay accordance to the effort. Started with holding a correct knuckle until performing a punch, the process is repeated to an extent of perfection. To calculate the tangible perfect act , the training are widen to punch a candle light. It is how it was thought during my training experience.

 We will try to punch the candle to blow the light with force sometimes which will resulted with failure. Why does this happen? It is not the force that do the job but a correct techniques and perfect punching are the one that make things working. With less force follows by accurate and perfect techniques the candle light can be put off. Think about how it works? Where does the energy comes and flow from ? When the answer is found you will understand and will have the answer to all the questions. Punching with full force is "silat", punching with perfection is "seni". So, we don't  need  force when performing any act and that will make us an expert in our own way. Maybe it will takes us  a long way of understanding the philosophies but that is the only method to be in line with all the experts. 

Gambar Hiasan
Standing in a fundamental position, calculating a distance from the target, lighting a candle , and performing the punching with focus. Repeated act started with 20 counts on each hands and counting the candle light off. Continuing and trying to off the candle light in a row, maybe starting with 3 in a row and increased each time until making 10 in a row on each knuckles.

The pressure is there especially failure is the result, but to be a perfectionist needs a strong mental and hard works. The result is depends on each individual but in the end it paid. These knowledge which were passed from time to time from practitioners to another just to be an expert in the art that they had chose , Silat Seni Gayong. As an advice let us revert our method of training to the old way to become the perfectionist in our own beloved art. Happy training.

Semoga kita semua diberkati.

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