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Malay Curve Knife - Kerambit Part 2

This short writing is an additional information on my previous article about Malay Curve Knife, Kerambit. In this issue we will disclose some of Kerambit correct method that has been practiced since Firstly we are going to share the art of holding correctly these ancient weapon. The design of a Kerambit is such, a holder with a ring and a small curve blade. It was designed with a handle ring for the purpose of having a strong hold to the palm when applying the strike. It is different from other Malay weapons which have a different way of handling and a different way of applications although the weapons looks similarity in design from the naked eyes. Holding a Kerambit tight and accordingly within the palm is such ,due to the weapon technical criteria. Taking an example of the tiger claws itself ,the curve, the sharpness and the venomous, the unseen. The strike of Kerambit is fatal and it is not just a small cut but it is a massive cut to the correct point of the body. To apply this method you need to have correct way of handling to generate great force to the strike. For that purpose the correct holding of the Kerambit plays an important role. It is not just a matter of striking but is really a strike to the finish. Kerambit is not a tool of games but it is a weapons of mass destruction. Many has made mistake in handling Kerambit as a weapon. They intent to twist and turn the ring of the Kerambit like in a western movies when handling a pistol. These manner is totally wrong and for artistic sake it might be accepted. But in the view of silat it is far from actual art of the weapon itself.

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Holding correctly the Kerambit will create to the way the hand moves for making a strike. The strike applies with the elbow like a mechanical machine moving around as rounded millstone. To the right and left moving to range from a position of equal. It ripping the point of striking and it is not cutting as what it was often shown. Utilized the back of the blade is not a correct way of striking method. It will cut because the blade is sharp but it is not the art correct way. Same goes to the slashing circling the blade to the joint or artery whether using the inside blade or otherwise. In silat, weapons is not for making a wound but the used of any weapons is to finish as rapid as it can with a cut . There are no second chance whether it is "killed or to be killed". With known Malay word " amok", and it means business, the act of the weapon is such a way, brutal. As you can observe Malay is a great nation with a very high polite mannered but in terms of defending their dignity ,honor and their great empire their method of self defense is needed and very different from others. Once it was the great Malay empire of Langkasuka, Merong Maha Wangsa, Srivijaya,Melaka etc and no doubt that the self defense needed to preserved the empire. The archipelago situation during that era make the Malay aware of a needed  such a weapons that is destructive. Kerambit is one of the many weapons of the Malay used mostly by the Malay woman to protect themselves from hooligans, pirates etc. It was kept in a hair bun and used when is necessary. If a woman is utilizing the Kerambit that means the handling of the Kerambit is not  complicated. It must be easy and effective because woman used it for protection. The Kerambit used by woman also must not be seen as hidden in the hair bun. All this criteria explaining that it must not be seen and it will deliver a massive ripping with an easy going techniques of applications. If it is only for wounded it would not be a weapon to be feared.

In handling Kerambit we need to understand the philosophy of silat depends on what style. In Silat Seni Gayong the concept might be different and might be similar or the same with others. The most significant in handling Kerambit striking,is the way we bring the blade to the point of strike. The targeted area must be cleared and easy access and vulnerable. There would not be enough time playing when countering with hooligans especially by women. The main objective is to create feared in the mind when Kerambit is used. It is like when we confront with a tiger ,it create fear in our mind and sometimes the story of the beast is fair enough to make us shivering and goose bump. The person who used Kerambit really understand this position and is not simply been used as per liking. If without that understanding it can hurts the user. The weapon will be used to countering attack the user by a person who have the knowledge of the Kerambit. Last and not least Kerambit is an art of the Malay Warrior and the entire Malay nation and it is a kind of weapons feared among the communities and only an expert in Malay silat has the knowledge of disarm those kind of weapon.

May this short write up will make readers understanding more about the weapon of Kerambit and the heritage of it. Kerambit is from the Malays and only they have the true knowledge of the weapons.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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