Friday, June 5, 2015

Kasih Sayang SeGayong

Gayong has produced many prominent students throughout the years since it started at Singapore in late 1938. The brotherhood remain strong although was lost in contact for almost 40years. Recently we had a chance to meet one and only leaving students of the late and legendary Dato Meor at his house in Singapore. He is known as Haji Said bin Haji Osman, an old men at the age of 82years and still going strong if compared with his ages. According to him we are the first Gayong's brother that was invited by him to make a visit since he was no longer active in training. Haji Said was learning Gayong in the beginning  year or era 1940.

Haji Said- second from left
During his years with Gayong , when Malaysia was separated with Singapore he travelled with his wife to Air Kuning, Taiping Perak from Singapore just to meet his beloved teacher Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. The event captured in the seventies and spend time at Taiping for the purpose. He met his wife form the training of Gayong and they felt in love and got married. His wife Fatimah was one of his partners when performing Silat Seni Gayong demonstration anywhere when they were instructed to perform.

Haji Said with his wife Fatimah performing a demonstration
We arrived a bit late at his house because we had stop at another Gayong's brother house earlier. As usual when a Gayong met with Gayong the time is always jealous of the meeting. We were received by Haji Said with warmth and we were served with satay,roti jala,some kuih est. lot of foods and eat as you burst. A typically hospitality of the Malays.

Haji Said and Fatimah in the middle at present day
Topic were about Gayong in the early days, the relationship , the struggle, the vision, the wisdom etc It is all still fresh in his mind just like it was happened yesterday. He was very happy and glad to meet us and his wishes has comes through .

After we left , he contacted us again by phone and politely saying how happy he is to meet us and hoping to gather again in near future. The teaching of the late founder Dato Meor Abdul Rahman has touch of loving between all his students no matter the difference. That is Silat Seni Gayong all about LOVING and no hatred or negative aura living within . Always will be love, love and love. It is remind me of Bob Marley song "could it be loved". For all Silat Seni Gayong brother lets strong our relationship with love {kasihsayang}. Thanks Haji Said for the warmth reception, may you preserved the good health and live a beautiful life.

Semoga kita semua diberkati

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