Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taking Note of A Knowledge

Performing an event of "boiling oil" is not an easy task. Experiences will make it perfect. While gaining experience one must equip with a complete knowledge. Once it need to be applied when the circumstances come. Thru out the journey we can see many instructors trying to equip themselves with the knowledge. Sometimes they achieve the desire but many of them fail to do so. Failing is part of life circulation and needed a correct understanding to be achieve in the next future. In preparing a "hot boiling oil "a well verse of the knowledge is highly compulsory. We don't know when the mishap going to take place. Melayu is an ethnic of having a person been test to recognized him having the full knowledge. With this kind of examination will make an individual more fit to be appointed as one who have the great knowledge.

It was told and heard before , in some occasion of the event of "boiling oil "some undesirable things happen. Such an example, a man suffered burns and the burn is bizarre. It looks like he was been infected a chicken pox. A magical water was prepared for him to cure the illness and he recovered.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Another example on the same event but at a different place and day. A crater full of coconut milk remain as it was the same when it was poured into it. There was no sign of the coconut milk will turn into an oil. Various "petua" used but failed. Until they used the "petua" of Silat Seni Gayong and suddenly it changed the situation. Within a moment it was cooked perfectly and the coconut milk has turned into an oil and is ready to be dye.

That are a few occasion of an event on preparing a "hot boiling coconut milk" into a "oil". To many things to be understand and to be dig on this knowledge. What do's and don'ts which have to be aware. Just feeling safely or comfortably on knowing of the way to prepared is not enough. There are too many hidden knowledge in the art of preparing the "boiling oil" which are only can be fulfilled by the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher. When comes the day you will be ready conducting by yourself then you will be released.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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