Thursday, July 18, 2013

Silat - The Misunderstood By Some People

Silat as we know it, is an art of war or self defense of the Malay. Originated and circulate among the Malay Archipelago are sometimes misunderstood by some people. I was been thrown a questions by Gayong brother asking me on my opinion on these matter. As per my responds to his doubt , I explained that silat is more than that, silat is the way of life. The daily life that we had between the communities is silat, the dicipline is silat, the way to interact with people is silat. Everything is silat, and the concept and philosophies in Gayong, every each individual is silat no matter where you are. So silat is the nature way and we are categorized in the nature world of the creation. 

Specifying that silat is everything is part of Silat Seni Gayong natural training. Why do we train in such a way, the art, the adab,the adat and so on is all for the interact between the community. Not only among the Gayong brothers but also to the people outside of the practitioners line. The art that thought fully from the way of thinking to way of bringing themselves among the nation. As many people took it as only the art of fighting , viewing in as a single broad minded ponder. Maybe the nature of the human fighting for survival and from that view many assumed that silat is one of the way of doing it. In silat the scope is more wider , fighting in the sense of everything, the mind, the spirit, the body, to be the better human being and to achieve in many things in life. To live in prosperous and peaceful within the communities of the world and compete to create a better world without hatred or negatives thoughts.

Brotherhood of Persilat

We just refresh the adap and adat when we first join in and agreed to be  Silat Seni Gayong practitioners. The way the adat was perform, the interact between the Guru and the students, the tools that was used in the event and many more, is to reflect the art as an art for bringing mankind to understand themselves  and reminding them of the origin and teaching them to be the greatest living things on earth and for the benefit of all.

Though the modernization of the world as we called it changed the perspective of the people towards it. Thinking that silat and not only silat, other martial arts as well are only the art of combative. A perspective that is out off the railing of teaching that been thought since the ancient times. With the changes in culture of the nation ,making the understanding flowing far from the original application or method of the silat culture. To gain a better understanding of the concept and culture one have to really go deeper into the teaching and not only just a one night stand practitioners. Devoting themselves for the sake of it in bringing and searching for the enlightenment in the teaching.

May we have all the necessary strong heart and mind, body and spirit in our path of seeking the art of silat especially Silat Seni Gayong for better living as a mankind.

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