Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cave of Daeng Kuning

History of Silat Seni Gayong left off a lot of mystery and unknown founding. On last occasion I had brought my students to visit the cave of the late Daeng Kuning aka Panglima Hitam at Bukit Larut. The cave was used by him to meditate and secluded when he anchor at Pengkalan Aur. There are seven of the great brothers of Bugis descendent that had a vision and followed their path for their destiny. Daeing Kuning had chosen Air Kuning in Taiping for his final journey. When he reached Air Kuning , the great grandfather of the founder of Silat seni Gayong the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman choose to stay at the cave until he got married to a Patani princess.

The Cave of Daeng Kuning

 When you entered the cave which the cave mouth are like a hole going downwards and can accommodate around 10 adult at one time. Water from the cave ceiling dropping and moisturizing the area and the temperature inside is very cosy and calm. Not far from the cave about 50 meters there are a river and a sound of waterfalls.

Infront of The Cave Mouth

It was told that although it was a heavy rain falls and the mouth of the cave which facing slightly upwards when looking at the geographical structure, the water from the rain would not flush into instead but flowing downs the slope. It left the cave dry and moisture.

Inside The Cave

Kumbang Hitam and Singa Malaya Inside The Cave

A cave for all the Silat Seni Gayong practitioners should visit as part of the historical site of the great art. There is Padang Senai where the great founder meditation place, Padang Anta Beranta where it all started, Pulau Sudong where the founder teach and accept the students of Gayong and the beginning of Gayong in the modern world and Kuala Sedili, the end of Gayong. All this are gazetted as Silat Seni Gayong treasure and take a chance to make a visit.

Nevertheless may the history been preserved and pass over to the next generation for the continuity of the great Silat Seni Gayong.

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